Behind the Scenes with Karlie Kloss in NYC

Fitted with Daisies Dress


Stretch Eyelet Bodycon




Striped Low Back Top, Woven Crop Top, Silk Pop Blazer, Alarra Necklace, Orbit Necklace


My favorite outfit… Mermaid Sequin Harem Pant, Destroyed Tee, Alarra Necklace, Orbit Necklace, Vegan Leather Jacket, Miguel Buckle Boot



Pilot Graphic Tank, Studded Plaid Buttondown, Cutoff Denim Vest, Vegan Leather Short, Converse



Retro Sleeve Dress


Marrakesh Floppy Hat


The Printed Skinny Jean & Stacked Wingtip look so cool together.


Denim Knit Shirt Dress, Jenny Floppy Hat


Thrifty Eyes Dress, Peter Pan Lace Top, Embellished Vegan Leather Jacket, Patriot Ankle Boot



Marrakesh Floppy Hat, Sequin Pullover, Orbit Necklace, Bold Suede Ladder Necklace


FP One Diani Dress, Textured Zip Up Jacket, Laredo Turquoise Bib


FP One Diani Dress, Laredo Turquoise Bib

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  1. I’m dying to try out the Fitted with Daisies dress in Hibiscus, but it isn’t available in stores yet. Any word on when it will arrive, or is it an online exclusive?

  2. I think the last picture is beautiful but these models were a bit of a disappointment in the catalog :/

  3. i agree. there were some photos that were beautiful but compared to other catalogues this one was a disappointment. the models, although im sure are lovely in real life, were super skinny, scary even. i feel like many of the LA photos were very catalouge-y (i know this is a catalogue but still, its free people).

  4. Yeah, and with great subject matter, LA and New York, I can’t believe that was it! Usually the FP catalogs tell a story and you want to jump in! And wear everything! It just didn’t happen this month…

  5. The pictures if her eating pizza and drinking a soda are HILARIOUS!! What were they thinking?!? I still love FP, I guess they can’t be perfection every month! Almost though…

  6. are you people looking at the same catalog as me because i love it! i was actually kind of disappointed in december’s, but this one is awesome! amazing clothes, amazing models, amazing photos.

  7. Does anyone else want to know how she got her hair to look like that in the last photo? It looks like a twist braid on top of her head, but I can’t quite make it out… I am soooooo curious! I want my hair to look like that!!

  8. I’m sure that somebody with her body type indulges in pizza all the time. Seriously, FP, she is too skinny; this is not a good image to portray to the world.


  9. @sophy, noooooo seems what is most curious here is the sickly stick thin body beneath the hair changing the subject won’t change the posts. @mel perhaps a FP employee? Model thin is never going away and isn’t the issue however how far will we go?? She is ghastly looking. How far will it go?

  10. i madly love all of these photos! i don’t think there was anything wrong with the models. some people are just thin and waifish naturally and i’m sure they feel the same way about people saying they are too thin as you do if someone says you are too fat.

  11. i completely agree, these girls looks sick and emaciated. that is the most commonly used phrase in the fashion business – “oh she’s NATURALLY 100 pounds and 5’11.” very few girls are. most of them are just not eating so they can keep their jobs. gross

  12. the last picture is disgusting. her chest and arms look like a 11 year old boy who is waiting to go through puberty. i realize free people isnt going to start using size 12 girls or anything, they are going to be thin and thats fine, they are models! but this is way too far. send that girl to treatment for an eating disorder.

  13. Bones and arms are not waif even her pose and face look so…well emaciated nothing life affirming in that pose or body. She looks like she is starving for life to enter her bones. Found this online:
    There really is only ONE question…. how far will it go?? It gets worse and worse and it is so anti-women anti girls and FP doesn’t have to hire even a size 8 model let alone 12 but can they hire healthy women that aren’t dying in front of the camera? Can’t we send a better message to the age group that buys FP and is also the most vulnerable?

  14. True, FP usually uses cute, and thin (but not too thin) girls who look like they have a lot of life in them! they just dropped the ball this month. Everything about these two girls looked unatatural, besides just too skinny.

  15. I hope FP can appreciate the feedback, I am a huge fan and buy online every month and will remain loyal, with that being said- The catalog just missed the mark, I was expecting something big for LA and New York.

  16. this issue gets so old to me. i hope the opinions of like five people doesn’t alter what free people chooses to do in their future catalogues because i thought this one was really great. the clothes are so amazing this season. and no, just because i think this way doesn’t mean i’m a free people employee. not everyone has a critical opinion of thin. their body types are far closer to a healthy weight that a majority of americans, fyi.

  17. honestly i thought it was an amazing catalogue. there are alot of rude opinions about the models. they are really good at what they do in my opinion. and being a girl of not many curves , seeing women with smaller frames that arent as endowed as some looking beautiful and feminine in these clothes is inspiring. and unlively ?!?! they look like pitchers of health. jess looks like sunshine in the look with the crop top and lace skirt with chucks. as does karlie next to the replica of the statue of liberty . some girls are just naturally thin. and healthy. people should really think things through before they open thier trap. this catalogue was overall far from dissapointment. thanks fp :)

  18. I’m 5’10 and 112 pounds and I eat literally everything. Sometimes it’s just good metabolism and genes.

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