Street Style: Wide Leg Pants

This week the girls here at home office put one hand in the air for the wide leg bottoms; We dressed them up and dressed them down to see which style we enjoyed the most. The 70’s cool pant has made a return for us; we love the idea of toning the extravagant pant down with simple tops and touches of accessories.  It might not be a trend for everyone but these girls rock them!

Full Lace Pant Vegan Leather Buttondown Sibilia Athena Disc Belt Poppy Cutout Leather Cuff Jenoah Floppy Brim Hat

Fiona Quilted Ankle Boot

Floral Print Floral Pullover Pant Sheer Stripe Pullover Drowsy Water Ranch Barrel Crossbody Vegan 3 Eye Gibson Shoe



Nightcap Lace Bell Bottom O-Town Muscle Tank Caldra Layer Pullover Gibson Tote


Full Circle Palazzo Pant 3/4 Sleeve Seamless Texture Top Vegan Leather Jacket Archduchess Platform

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11 years ago

love the last one and i need that hat in my life.

11 years ago

the second style with the pants/shoes combination is stunning!!

11 years ago

The wideleg pant is my favorite trend from the past few months! These photos are adorable too!

11 years ago

I loved these pants and the 1970’s look. Totally Inspiring

Liz Hayes
11 years ago

I remember when we wore these in the 70’s, they were fun then. I’m glad they’re coming back. These are all so cute and retro, especially the ‘little girl’ with the burgandy floppy hat.

11 years ago

I’ve never NOT loved wide leg pants, but those black lace ones are exceptionally beautiful… usually can’t find them for people as short as me though!

11 years ago

I love the contrast between the super feminine print and the punky leather jacket and sky-high wedges. I want this outfit so badly!

11 years ago

Those are nice pants. Love laces.