Blogger Diary: Fill in the Blank

Since my last blogger diary, it’s rained, it’s snowed, I’ve taken sunny afternoon walks, visited museums – far too much to get straight into one (comprehensible) blog post. So instead, I thought I’d play a bit of “fill in the blank.”

Picture 025

Picture 027

Picture 023

Picture 014

Listening to Something by Chairlift

Reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Living life by The Five Rules for Happiness

Exploring this awesome blog roll a friend sent me.

Dreaming of a meal in this little Vancouver Boutique.

Although I’m absolutely ready for it to be spring, I would still go stay in the igloo village.

What would your fill in the blanks be?

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11 years ago

Great photos! I really like the photo with the rain on the window.

11 years ago

yay penn museum! I go to penn :)

11 years ago

I love photos…they are tiny moments in time that are frozen forever…the best thing is looking at photos and remembering every single thing about that day like it just happened

11 years ago

Love the 5 Rules of Happiness. Simple, straight to the point, and so so true

11 years ago

The 5 Rules of Happiness are such a lovely reminder. Also, thanks for the link to my blog. Double Takes is a big fan of Free People and the Free People blog :) And yes, that igloo village is just too cool!