Call for Submissions!

Do you live and breathe yoga? Do you take long walks with nature? Do you live by the sun and love by the moon?

We’re looking for experienced writers/bloggers to contribute new and exciting content to our blog in the areas below.


If you are interested in contributing content on a freelance basis, please submit a sample post demonstrating your area of expertise and writing style to, subject: Dreamer. We will be reviewing over the next couple of weeks.

Photo by Ali Mitton

UPDATE: Thank you all for your interest and beautiful writing submissions. We are in contact with the people who we feel would be a good fit! If you haven’t heard from us, again, thank you – and keep an eye on the blog for future announcements or opportunities to join our team.

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12 years ago

This is so exciting! Can wait to see the winner- good luck to all

12 years ago

How exciting! I will definitely be sending you some stuff, because I DO live and breathe yoga.

12 years ago

Submitted an entry…thought I’d give it a try. Must have been in my Aquarian moon child nature! ;) Good luck to everyone!

Victoria T
12 years ago

I totally just sent an email with some of my photography attached. I thought I would give it a try as well. Good luck to everyone who submits! Namaste. <3

12 years ago

So psyched to hear about this opportunity! Definitely submitting nutrition/health/beauty posts tonight!

12 years ago

How wonderful…I better get writing! X

Hannah Isis
12 years ago

Love this! Excited and inspired to WRITE <3

Dana Smessaert
12 years ago

this is my dream job

12 years ago

just submitted mine. gosh, I’m so nervous!

9 years ago

This is so exciting! Can wait to loock the winner- nice luck to all

Lori Austin
8 years ago

Do you ever take jewelry submissions for consideration? I design a lariat choker that is wildly popular with the boho chic market. Thx