DIY Studded Denim Cutoffs


I have been wanting to do this DIY for quite some time now, but with the current denim dressing feature on our website and studded trend I told you about yesterday, the stars all aligned and it finally came together this week! I’ve seen many ways to stud a pair of cutoffs or jeans, but the two images above, found on tumblr, really stood out to me. I love the subtlety of the triangle of studs on the cutoffs, and the torn back pocket folding over to reveal studs on the inside. The best part about this project is how easy and fun it is to do!



What you need: A pair of jeans or cutoffs (I used the fp denim cutoffs) and some studs of whatever shape or size you choose. You can find a variety of studs on etsy!


I decided to use these little silver pyramid studs, and laid them out first on the shorts to make sure that’s where I wanted them.


I was able to poke the prongs of the stud right through the shorts very easily – then just press them down flat to hold the stud in place!


If you want to, you could also sew a piece of fabric over the studs, just to make them more comfortable against your skin.



I wish someone had warned me about how addicting studding can be… I now have the urge to stud all my clothing!

Check out our studded styles.

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Nice, i like the triangel.

This is my DIY:


love this diy!! i want to do it as soon as i get off work,but i have no rivets/studs…hmm..@S..I checked out your diy and it was so awesome, loved the ombre blue shorts with studs!!

Perfect way to spice up those old pair of jeans. Stud it out.


what size studs did you use?


YESSS!! I need to make these!!

Awesome, I sell studded denim online!

check it out!

Whoa how cool is that, and so easy! Thanks for sharing! Love!


what color are they? it’s sort of hard to tell if they’re gold or silver or what.


love how it turned out btw!


did you cut those fp shorts? i tried them on in store and they seemed so long!

love love love. So CUTE

eve Mendoza

Just made a pair of my own studded cuttoff shorts, turned out really cute! thanks FP for the idea :)

linney b

did u give a pair and a spare credit for that? cause u copied it right from her website. same photos


Haha, Linney b, you got owned!



where did you buy the studs?


hi! i loveeeee your studding. i wanted to do this to just a pair of shorts and maybe a pair of jeans or two.. how many studs would i need? 50? 100?


Hey do you know anyplaces you could find studs without shoppinh online

ok i am in love with these! great for madrid spain weather and for hula hooping!! gonna try these out ASAP
needs to get a little bit warmer here though :)
thanks for sharing!

great design for summer, will definitely try and recreate this! :)
I studded my handbag and top, please have a look at:

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