February Calendar

It definitely doesn’t feel like the first day of February here in Philly… it’s supposed to be almost 65 degrees out today! But hey, I’ll take it. And, there’s a February 29th this year! Click here to download our February calendar in the horizontal or vertical version.


  1. I miss the old style of the calendars; the style of these 2011 ones desn’t feel as “full.”
    Last year’s calendars were busied with etchings and colors in every available inch of space. They were such a pleasant distraction from the Word documents and Excel files that usually fill my screen.

  2. I love the FP calendars and have been using them for over a year now, but this year the images are such low quality (not in design, I mean by the size of the image etc). I really liked how last year the images were larger. Do you think you can make the images a higher resolution for the following 2012 calendars please?

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