A New Free People Girl: Meet Molly

Molly has that classic retro look – it’s preppy and sophisticated but in a cool modern way. She takes signature styles and makes them fresh again; her clothes have details such as tipping and pleating and she loves the Peter Pan collar like no other. She’s reserved but her personality exudes confidence… you’ll see her walking elegantly in a city, perched in an old library or quietly sitting in a coffee shop soaking in her thoughts.

Molly is our new style girl who was inspired by the retro things in life; she gives vintage a modern twist! To celebrate Molly’s debut online and in our catalog, we did a special photo shoot featuring FP Jemma, who embodied Molly perfectly – we want to thank the lovely people at One Shot coffee shop in Philly for letting us take photos, be sure to check out their place it’s pretty great – a wonderful atmosphere and delicious food and coffee!


In this look: Denim Bustier Dress, Sweet Spring Gingham Buttondown, Radio BBC Boot.




In this look: Vintage Thrift Wash Straight Leg Denim, Peter Pan Lace Top, Hardware Loafer.



In this look: Printed Romper, Traveler Denim Jacket, Studded Saddle Shoe.


Check out our Molly Shop for more retro styles!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our newest girl! Are you a Molly?


  1. The Free People girls remind me of a matured take on the American Girl dolls that my generation, now in our twenties, grew up with. Molly was my favorite American Girl doll; and now, fifteen odd years later, I relate to the Free People Molly the same way I did with a doll as a child. I adore everything about Molly, from her signature style to the way she carries herself, and I’m happy that Free People has brought her into the family. I hope she’s here to stay :)

  2. Molly is absolutely adorable! Great timing too as I’ve been channelling that style quite recently. I love all the FB girls . I can relate to them all. Such a fun piece! Jemma looks great by the way!

  3. Molly is my new favorite! I didn’t quite adhere to any one of the fp “girls” except for maybe meadow, but Molly has my heart! Her description is perfect, she’s reminds me of more bohemian Alexa Chung…definitely a fan!

  4. i have been waiting for a girl like molly to come along forever now. I’m in love with the classy-yet-bohemian look that she embodies, and I’m so happy FP has decided to make a girl like her!

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