Freja Beha Erichsen x Free People – Catalog Sneak Peek!

I have been so excited to share our February catalog sneak peek, featuring one of my favorite models – Freja Beha Erichsen! She brings an amazing edgy attitude to our tomboy Lou styles and looks beyond gorgeous showing a softer Candy and Meadow side as well. The catalog was shot by Joshua Allen and drops next week – here’s a little preview!










  1. great looks, but i think they would have looked much better on a more feminine model, she looks way too thin and somehow boisterous

  2. very nice collection, however, the models are way to thin it’s kind of creepy and unrealistic, most of women don’t look that way

  3. They are not fit, they are grotesquely thin. I said something about it before. I am 5’10” and weigh 135…and I don’t even look that starved.

  4. For such a progressive company Free People makes horribly bad judgment calls about their models. THESE ARE NOT REAL WOMEN THEY ARE 100% CONTRIBUTING TO ANOREXIA IN THIS COUNTRY 99% OF WOMEN DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS AND THE WORLD(along with Free People) IS SHOVING THIS STEREOTYPE DOWN OUR THROATS! AS A WOMAN STRUGGLING WITH ANOREXIA I FIND THIS SHOCKING AND OFFENSIVE! Really FP? These models are STARVING, even if they weren’t they are causing other girls to starve themselves in order to try and be what the world thinks is “BEAUTIFUL” WOMEN OF ALL SHAPES, RACES, AND SIZES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t wait she’s such beautiful person. Gosh so simple and yet mysterious at the same time. I love her.

  6. no. you have an eating disorder because you are mentally ill, not because a company is using a thin model.
    and yes 90% of women do not look like this, because 90% women are not runway models.
    these women are SCOUTED ALL OVER THE WORLD for their long thin bodies.

  7. Your eating disorder has nothing to do with Free People, love yourself and stop blaming others for your problems. We ALL play with the cards we are dealt. jeez

  8. First of all I wanted to say- these clothes are beautiful.

    Second of all, you guys need to stop complaining about the model. I totally agree with the poster above who said, “no. you have an eating disorder because you are mentally ill, not because a company is using a thin model.” I think the model was a perfectly fine choice. She has a beautiful face and her boyish figure displays the clothing nicely.
    Personally I have a curvier figure, but that doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate other body types, nor do I think every model needs to look like me in order to consider myself beautiful.
    Basically, stop being a sheep and learn to think for yourself.

  9. Everyone who comes on this page to leave a comment on the weight and look of the models….really need to get a life…

  10. Women take responsibility for your issues! When u stop blaming other ppl for your eating disorders or for your figure, you can then change yourself. These ad’s are not about you nor your figure. Its about beautiful clothing and art. I personally LOVE the last look of the jean jacket w the studded bag!
    )Hope this comment didn’t offend anyone, just sayin)

  11. Does anyone else think the model looks kinda like Rachel McAdams in the last picture? It’s pretty freakin’ adorable.

  12. One side comment however… mental illness is a disease. It has a stigma. Just as a person with epilepsy isn’t at fault for having the disease, a person with a mental disorder isn’t at fault for having it. The poster may be trying to illuminate a point but it’s doing so by blaming a victim of a disease. In other words, please love each other and, most importantly, love yourself and be patient with yourself.

  13. Shut up already and go on a diet. Get over it. No one wants to see jiggley arms and thighs jumping around in mini skirts and that’s that.

  14. im dissapointed you used such an anorexic looking model, i love FP, and am upset you would go this far.

  15. Look at all these assholes body-shaming a model just because she doesn’t look like you. Being thin doesn’t make her less feminine or less of a woman. That is such a degrading thing to say.

    Free People is not why one commentator is ‘anorexic” (I highly doubt you are. Nobody suffering from an eating disorder flat out says that. I recovered from

  16. *from anorexia 7 years ago. Some of you people have a lot ofnerve making snap judgments and thinking you have the authority and even the PhD to diagnose someone as anorexic just because she doesn’t look like you).

  17. Just because someone is thin, doesn’t mean they are anorexic or bulimic. Some positivity would be nice…I will start! I really love her hair!–such cool styles you used also! I love how the outfits bring together the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s without them looking dated! Mission accomplished! beautiful! can’t wait for the catalog to come out! :)

  18. I think she is beautiful! Love the hair in the 2nd look, as well as the styling and love her dimples in the last! Her look is so versatile! Love it!!

  19. Beautiful outfits! So excited to shop from this line. Really to bad we need to ruin blogs by talking about other things besides these amazing clothes. Thank you free people for always making me feel amazing in your clothes!

  20. She is my favorite model for her cool rocker look, and I’m so happy that that energy has been brought to FP. perfect. I’ve never seen her look so sweet, I like her even more now! As far as her body type, if you learn what looks good on your own body, then the model’s body shouldn’t be an issue. They just need someone who will display all the clothes well, so it makes sense. Just appreciate the great looks and think of how to adapt them to yourself! That’s what style is anyway: personalizing.

  21. Sarah- Oh yes how dare we “ruin” the blog by talking about something other than clothes. Blogs aren’t for discussing anything serious like body image and mental disorders-duh. This is a lifestyle blog, not just about fashion. A lot of impressionable girls (and boys)read this blog and look to FP for cues on everything from the latest fashion trends, to music, art, recipes, and more. I think media has shoved unhealthy images of beauty down our throats and FP has perpetuated that with its latest choice of model.

  22. With Karlie Kloss in last months catalogue, and Freja Beha Erichsen in this months, you are making me fall in love with Free People even more than I already am :)

  23. I’m not usually one to comment in on these things, but I am naturally really skinny and I get just as much flack for it. I’ve had to deal with people whispering behind my back and trying to shove unhealthy, artificial, and fatty foods down my throat my whole life, but I deal with it – we all have something to deal with. Seriously, learn to love yourself and your body. Self confidence overrides any outside influence.

  24. I agree with Chelsea- I totally saw the resemblance to Rachel McAdams in the last picture! As for how thin she is, this model is definitely very thin. I was a little surprised to see they had picked someone that skinny, but her more androgynous face does make her more unusual than just any really skinny girl. But also realize that even though she is very skinny does NOT mean she is starving herself; there are millions of people in this world who are naturally waif-ish no matter how much they eat. I do agree that the media has problem with focusing on the very thin as the epitome of looking good, but there is no point in attacking this girl until you know the facts.Let’s just enjoy the fashion!

  25. I’ve only just visited this site and after browsing some of the items I noticed the emanciated bodies of the models. A quick google search of the blog showed that other people are thinking the same way.

    While some people are naturally teeny tiny in size, by plastering their physiques all over the advertisements, it sends a clear message to those of average build…super skinny = beautiful.

    For those who say that anoerixia is a mental disease, they are right to an extent, but what CAUSES this disease? Media, advertising companies are shoving their perception of beauty down our throats constantly – Read this interesting study about how, when television was introduced to Fiji in 1995, eating disorders suddenly sprang into existence from almost nothing beforehand

  26. this is why i starve myself. how am i supposed to help it when such skinny models are used to flaunt such beautiful clothing. i cant imagine how many other girls love fashion like myself to the point of starving to fit into it. this is why im dying. free people, please use a size 10 model, or a size 8, whatever, please help us feel more comfortable in our skin… and our clothes.

  27. I’m 20, and much like some other commenters I’ve also had a very serious eating disorder in the past. I’ve always loved free people, and the catalogues were some of my favorite things to look at while I was anorexic. There’s no denying the fact that these girls are beautiful, but as a consumer I’d really appreciate it if you guys would start featuring more curvy and feminine models. If anything this type of marketing turns me off, I know that my body type no longer matches that of these girls and as such I doubt the fact that any of your items will look good on my more feminine shape.

  28. Ohhhh…. Freja’s fashion style is to die for. There’s just about everything here I really want, must have, now….!
    Truly gorgeous.

    Thank you soooooo much for this amazing spread and all the fashion ideas.

    I love it all.

    But hey, some of the readers’ comments below are a bit snippy. Why do some people want to attack any girl who is naturally slender…?

    Freja is gorgeous just the way she is.

    Please don’t say things like that just because you don’t like slender women, or because Freja’s naturally slender and has petite breasts..?

    She’s healthy. She’s smart. She’s beautiful.

    Besides, there’s plenty of girls like this who are naturally slender. I’m one too. So I know.

    I really get annoyed with people who want everyone to look the same, or worse for people to want us to look all big and pneumatic and overweight.

    Let us naturally thin girls enjoy things as they are. We don’t go around saying nasty things about bigger women.
    Honest, there are all sorts of natural shapes for girls. We thinnies are one of them.

    If you don’t like the way Freja looks then be maybe you can look elsewhere or try to say something nice at least.

    – Alexxxxx

  29. Come on free people. Free women from these unhealthy standards. That woman is underweight, she is likely at a stage where she has muscle wastage. I’m not going to say she’s disgusting, because she’s ill, you’re not helping her by employing her, youre killing her. L at the same time your making other women unwell. Very unethical. People saying she’s naturally thin are simply wrong.

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