1. not a wise thing to do with your dog. cute pics, but no matter how good it’s balance might be, accidents always happen & i would hate to think that possible for just another picture. very sweet, but i hold with a big disapproval. sorry!

  2. aw yes, beautiful puppy but this does not seem safe or fun for little Maddie. Especially the last shot :(

  3. Maddie looks miserable in all these pictures. I’m so tired of people using and abusing animals for entertainment. Knowing anything about the body language of a dog, it is easy to see Maddie is not enjoying a second of this. I’m a little dissappointed to have found this on here

  4. Nice looking dog but the wrong colour. The official Coonhound designation belongs to the Bluetick Coonhound. A registered breed according the American Kennel Association. Look it up on the web.

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