Office Style: Candy

For this week’s office style we caught hints of FP girl, Candy, around the office. She appears sweet as nectar – a woman as intricate as lace. Candy twirls in frilly dresses, and buttons up with lace. She’s a true lady who embraces her femininity. Don’t let all of the sweetness fool you, Candy is just as modern as the rest. Mixing in hints of neon, throwing on denim vests, and piling on rings are just some of the ways she’s keeping the fashion current.

Get the look with our Always on My Mind Top



Get the lace dress look with our Ginger Long Sleeve Lace Back Tunic


Picture 009




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11 years ago

I love these posts because I always get new ideas on how to style pieces, thanks for the inspiration! <3

11 years ago

I love candy, lace is so pretty and spring like. I adore the first look with neon underneath. It gives it a cool edge. I feel the weather getting Warmer and I’m excited to wear more delicate items

Cherie Lynne Marie
11 years ago

I just love the Sterling Silver Bracelet with the blue stone. The name of the precious stone is on the tip of my tonque. Possibly Lapis??? I love the detailing. GREAT PIECE!!

11 years ago

I’ve a question regarding those large bins covered with sahri fabric. I absolutely love them, and would like to purchase some for some Ikea Lack shelving I have in my babies room. How, where can I find them for purchase or diy? Help me please :) All the bins I find are way too small for my shelving :( Any info would be appreciated. Thank you and they’re a great idea.

11 years ago

Love how in the style in house reflects the easy going attitude FP is all about! Lace, pink hues, and florals are so Candy.