Open Interview Sessions in Miami

Calling all Miami FP girls! URBN is coming to the sunshine state for a merchant leadership program info session and open interviews – see info below, hope to see you there!

All of the positions are at the home office in Philadelphia – for more info check out our college recruiting website. You do not need to bring anything to the info session but it is encouraged to bring a completed application to open interviews.

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do you need to have a degree to apply?


Bring FP to Saint Louis! It’s my dream to work for FP and I would dieee!


I am so beyond thrilled about this amazing opportunity!


I am on my last semester of school and one of my midterm on Thursday and am not sure if I can make it to the merchant leadership program. Could I still come apply on Friday?

FL girl missing FP

NO FP???????


Hi, so excited for this!! But it’s a little confusing…what exactly does this mean? Are the interviews for retail positions in Miami? Can you provide a little more info. as to what FP is looking for and what one should bring to the info. session/interview? Thanks so much! :)


I love your brand! It’s hard to find unique clothing nowadays, but you guys make it so simple! Thank you for bringing joy to my fashion life!! Also, thanks for updating your website so often. I hate it when stores dont do that because I check out this website everyday and it makes it so much more interesting!