Q&A with our Makeup Artist

Did you guys catch our live Q&A on twitter today with our makeup artist Deanna? It was so much fun and we got some really great tips – in case you missed it, here are some highlights :)


Q: How can i make my face look slimmer? To enhance my cheek bones…


Deanna: Nars Zen is a perfect blush for contouring your cheeks and making your face look slimmer – using a brush, apply just below cheek bone and blend in to skin.

Q: For someone who hates lipstick, what is a good product to use that gives your lips color and lasts?

Deanna: Nars, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier all have great tinted lip balms, even Burt’s Bees we love! Nars has a great variety of colors, and the texture is great – not too glossy.


Q: why does face powder always make my skin look cakey and old?

Deanna: It’s the combination of powder and how the powder is applied – it’s better to use a loose powder and a brush – I always use a brush, on shoots and in the studio. A sheer loose powder with a yellowish color is what works best – a good one is Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Loose Finish in pale yellow. Dip the brush in the powder and tap off, apply to t zones, chin, and forehead – don’t powder your cheeks too heavily.


Q: How do I get Ginger’s look in the February catalog?

Deanna: For Ginger we used Nars Mambo eyeliner – a brown shade – along the lash line and extended out to get a winged eye, and along the bottom lash line to join with the top and accentuate the almond shape. Use a narrow brush to smudge the line and get a smoky eye. Curl the eyelashes, lots of mascara, and a bit of sheer gold highlight on the inner corners of the eye. Contour the cheek with Nars Zen, and a sexy pink lip – we like Nars Dolce Vita or Roman Holiday. Finish with red nail polish!



Here’s another tip: Before applying a matte lip color, exfoliate your lips – we LOVE Fresh Sugar Lip Polish!


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12 years ago

I am in the studio with deanna all the time and her tips are so helpful! I was completely unaware of the lip scrub and it changed my life!!!!!!

12 years ago

The models in the Feb. catalogue look like they have anorexia! Really unhealthy and creepy looking!

12 years ago

The model picture (Ginger?) is not a great look, I have to agree. She’s really, really skinny.

12 years ago

Just because she is skinny does NOT mean she is anorexic, I have several very skinny friends (as thin as her) that are healthy.
If I was her, and not annorexic I would feel awful if people called me that.
*I do not know if she is annorexic or not- but let’s not judge.

12 years ago

I’ve been wearing this Revlon lipstick called Siren-#677, and it’s a really fantastic bright red/orange! It’s easy to wear and stays on! These are some great tips, and NARS & Bobbi Brown are some of the best! :)

12 years ago

Honestly, making negative comments about someone being skinny is no different than pointing out to someone that they are overweight. Think about it–pointing out someone’s bones is just as hurtful as pointing out someone’s love-handles, because it all boils down to the person sharing their opinion that they think you look bad.

I’m naturally thin like the model & have struggled my entire life with some of the RUDEST comments from complete strangers, coworkers, friends, even teachers. It’s left me in tears many times & it’s a shame that people even for a second think that it’s okay to vocalize such things.

Plus, if you knew anything about the fashion world, you would know that models are meant to be skinny to mimic a “clothes-hanger”. If the model had curves, you wouldn’t be able to see the true form of the article of clothing as if it were hanging in a store.

12 years ago

I’m right there with you, Lindsey, the anorexia comments are rude and I’m honestly getting tired of them. Yes, I’m skinny and yes, I eat. You never know unless you know the person.

Anyway, love the makeup tips!! Will definitely be using them.

12 years ago

It does not matter what your body type, there will always be haters. Either too skinny or too fat, never just right. It is sad, but true. Just be happy with who you are. If you want to be thin, go for it. If you want to be curvy, go for it. As long as YOU are happy and healthy, nothings else matters.

P.S. I do love that models makeup. Thanks for the tips. <3

12 years ago

These makeup tips are great. Can you guys post one of those video tutorials that we all love so much? It really helps to see how the make-up artist applies the makeup on the models to create the look. Thank you!!! xoxo

12 years ago

i totally agree with lisa. that girl looks like she’s dying :(

12 years ago

They took my down..thought that might happen. But seriously, this is the first time that I have been shocked (in a bad way)by the sight of a model in a free people catalog. Usually the girls are shockingly beautiful and healthy looking, so I was really surprised…and when I read another girls comment about wanting to get Gingers look it made me
Feel sad. I just dont think that her look should be put out there as a standard to hold ones self against, or to admire…she looks Ill. Let me make it clear that I don’t “hate” anyone, especially not for the way they look, but this girl looks seriously unhealthy. I can’t even imagine how many impressionable young girls look through the free people catalog and try to immatate the look of the models…that’s what they are there for right? To help bring a face to the brand and sell clothes to girls who admire them.after seeing her I wonder how many girls skipped dinner. I’m tired of the “models are supposed to be built like coat hangers” argument. I’d rather see the clothes on real people than hangers..and before you get all up in arms about me “hating on thin people”, so you know I’m 5’8 and 120, I eat extremely healthfully and get lots of exercise. I think this models looks warranted all of the “anorexia” comments, her looks are a big departure from the free people norm.

12 years ago

Who is Ginger?? That is Freja Beha Erichsen, a very well-known runway/editorial model. She is not freakishly thin, I’m sorry. When you see an anorexic you KNOW IT, it’s shocking. Bones would be jutting out, and skin would have a sunken look. I used to see a girl jogging along the same road, everyday. She was undoubtedly anorexic, you saw her skeleton before you saw her, that’s how shocking it is. They also have severe hair loss & a “peach fuzz” on their skin in some cases. It’s like seeing a ghost. I wish this cry-wolf-anorexia thing would cease, it’s so tired. Research the disease before diagnosing every thin person you see. You should be more worried about the disease of obesity in this country.

12 years ago

Unfortunately, you cannot always tell if a girl is anorexic. I have been modelling internationally for 4 years and I have had friends and colleagues suffering from this awful condition and various milder forms of eating disorders where they eat, say 800 calories a day (a dangerous amount) who are told by photographers etc that they look great. One severely anorexic friend of mine was even told by a photographer who knows about her illness that she looks perfect (compared to how she looked when she was a healthy weight).

Freja may be anorexic, she may not, you cannot always tell, but she is very, very thin. She looks great to me as do the other fp girls who are less skinny.

12 years ago

who’s ginger where did she come from

11 years ago

gosh everyone needs to stop freaking out.
People are always gunna say what the think. who are you to try and change their perceptions,
and frankly its a waste of time.
I’m here to look for clothes!

Linda R
11 years ago

My sisters have always been skinny and have been called anorexic quite a few times, they just brush it off because they know they’re not but it does bother them that people just assume they’re anorexic without really knowing. They have been very thin since high school they’re in their early 30’s and both weight about 100 lbs each. One of them looks like the model except she has more boobs. They’re very healthy women who do not limit themselves on what they eat They like their doctor said have a very fast metabolism. People need to really inform themselves about this condition before making assumptions.

11 years ago

You girls on here defending the super thin models of FP sound very young, naive and stupid! People have the right to say what they feel, and if you lost a daughter to anorexia, or witnessed young women starve themselves or put themselves down because they don’t look like the bony models in FP, then you just don’t know what you are talking about. I know all about the disease and yes, in my opinion, a lot of the models in FP resemble women I have counseled that have anorexia. For one, it began with staring at catalogs and wishing to look like these women from a very young age. Please do not flip this issue into an anorexia versus obesity debate, because both are very serious issues. No woman is suppose resemble a coat hanger, no matter what your profession is. Also added to my patient list is an ex professional model, whose name I cannot share. The damage to your bodies is permanent. The young woman you influence is permanent. All the pretty clothing in the world can not cover up the fact that most of my patients are damaged psychologically, physically, and some cannot ever have children. If I could give any of you advice, it would be to not be as naive as you seem and learn the many ways this disease takes a quiet place in so many of our young women’s lives.