Reminder: Leap Day Giveaway!

Don’t Forget! Today is your last chance to enter our Leap Day Giveaway! We’ll pick a winner at the end of the day, 2/29 :)

We wanted to do something special to celebrate this rare occasion, so we did a little bit of spring cleaning in our accessories department and scrounged up some awesome stuff to give away. I organized the accessories into goodie bags for each fp girl – meaning we’ll have five winners!

All you have to do is click here and fill out the brief form, and tell us which fp girl you are.

Happy Leap Day!

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This is so amazing!!!! Like the best ever!


I’m so excited!!! I really hope I win the Meadow prize! :D

eve mendoza

FP im hoping i have a good chance today! not to post a sob story or anything but havent been shopping in months! Had to leave college to get a job to recieve some sort of income. Then the job i got layed me off -_- (not a suprise in this economy!) But am in desperate need of some new accesories this year!
Soo, Love Yah FP & Please Pick Me :)



I hope I win the meadow prize! I don’t want to wait 4 more years for another shot!!


Standing in the meadow ringed by tress, there is grass at my feet, and the blooming flowers are the accessories that bring color to this tapestry. I am meadow awaking from winter. I can’t wait for my wildflowers to bloom! Layer after beautiful layer.

Love these! Just submitted my entry… ;) I’m a Molly kind of girl, but don’t we all love to mix and match? These necklaces could go perfectly under any kind of Molly collar. I’m loving that turquoise eagle necklace and those rings.

How fun! when will the winners be announced???


Just submitted my entry,fingers crossed…


I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win
i am a lou kind o girl but i love accesories soo i am really hope i’ll win keeping all fingers crossed
i hope i win i hope i win i hope i win i hope i win i hope i win i hope i win


Me and my friends just entered! We want this so baaaaaaaad :) You guys rock! Love these giveaways!


any winner yet?

Joanna Melissa

Any winners yet? :)

eve mendoza

pick the 5 winners yet?


please let us know if there were any winners yet!!! we are so excited to know..:)

Miss Athena



we will continue asking for the winners!!!!


were winners ever announced for this??


I love free people!!!


Missed it :/