Behind the Scenes: Valentine’s Day Special Shoot!

The other day I hung out in the studio for a bit while our team did a special Valentine’s Day shoot with model Linda Vojtova. It was such a fun shoot with candy and flower props, and Linda was kind enough to answer a few questions for the blog!



I love how they paired the beautiful tiered crochet dress with the half moon floral clog.




I love our studio team :)


I thought these flats they shot were so cute I had to share – they remind me of these exploded flowers! On the left is our new little fp one layering slip, which is currently in my shopping cart. I feel like it’s the perfect little outfit add-on that could be worn so many ways. In the middle, the galoon lace halter bra, which comes in so many fun pop colors, and on the right, the pretty printed lace crop bra.


Glam Life Sequin Dress, Double Breasted Vegan Leather Jacket, Lace Bandeau, Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet, Sugar Mountain Ankle Boot.

Q&A with Linda Vojtova

Which dress would you wear for Valentine’s Day and how would you style it?

I love the glam life sequin dress! For Valentine’s Day I would wear it with a leather jacket, stockings and boots since it will probably be cold in New York City. But I love it because I could wear it in spring and summer with boots, and could wear it for so many different occasions.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

I’ll be in New York, where I live with my boyfriend of several years, and we’ll probably just try to cook a really great dinner, or go out somewhere nice.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given for Valentine’s Day?

A nice romantic getaway :)

What’s your favorite romantic comedy?

Pretty Woman! I used to watch it almost every day.

Shop our Valentine’s Day collection!

Photos by Julia.

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11 years ago

love those product shots with the flower petals, adorable!

11 years ago

Gorgeous shoot! The model is amazing!
Have a beautiful day!
Savannah Marie

11 years ago

Perfection, right there!

11 years ago

Can you tell please name me the colours of the pink galoon lace halter bra and the salmon-coloured lace bandeau in these pictures? They are gorgeous! I haven’t succeeded in matching them up myself with the colours in the online store. I really hope the colours in these photographs are the true colours (i.e. have not been adjusted/touched up) because they are much prettier than the colours in the online store! Thank you!!