Style File: Assistant Designer – Beach

Have you ever looked at a girl and thought, “there’s someone who knows what fashion is?” This week’s Style File is one of those girls. She’s not scared of an Avant Garde print or dressing head-to-toe in monochromatic tomato red. Her styling is spot on, the way one images a top fashion editor being styled. Although she always looks relaxed and comfortable, you just know that she’s into fashion. The sweater she throws on is perfectly nubby, and oh, that insanely cool necklace she’s wearing? It’s the logo for her friends’ young fashion line that is blowing up in the UK right now. Her style is flawless with great attention to detail. Look close and you’ll see a dreamy braid hidden in her waves. This girl knows how to dress herself.

Get the red look with our Easy Days Off the Shoulder Sweater, Five Pocket Seemed Legging, and Vegan Docs

Picture 010

Picture 011

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Picture 044

Try a vintage-inspired floral dress like the Floral Shirt Tail Pucker Dress

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Picture 052

Picture 061

Picture 059

Load on the rings, you can never have enough!

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Picture 063

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11 years ago

This was probably my favorite of all the questionnaires I’ve read-she has an awesome, almost spiritual worldview and seems to have a complacent understanding of her lack of understanding about life. Loved it!

11 years ago

Love her style, especially her awesome rings! I’m an aquarius too…that must be it! ;)

11 years ago

I love that gray sweater..and all her rings..she seems very interesting,and someone who would be easy to hang with :)

11 years ago

Love her style!! Vintage sundresses, oversized sweaters, funky rings, boots… pretty much my closet in a nutshell!

11 years ago

That’s My Sis and she ROCKS !!!!!!!!

11 years ago

Where is that black and white printed blouse from? (the second one) LOVE her style!!

11 years ago

Awesome style!! Loved the questionnaire too! Seems like a really cool person :) my bf is going to teach me to surf in a few weeks and Im glad to hear a newbie say they fell in love! I’m super excited! And also so lucky you’re going to lake Powell!! It’s unbelievably beautiful!