Thursday Poll: Sandals

It’s almost 60 degrees in Philadelphia today, and spirits are jumping with spring fever. Soon we’ll be running around bare-skinned and free. It’s time to clean up those toes and start picking out easy-to-wear sandals for when the warmth really hits. Which pair will you be living in this spring?

Archer Metal Sandal

Avalon Sandal

Bleeker Sandal

bleeker sandal

Caitlyn Gladiator Sandal

caitlyn gladiator sandal

Dora Sandal

Dora Sandal

Selene Sandal

selene sandal


  1. I like Avalon and Dora, but voted Avalon. Are these pretty comfortable to wear? I seem to have a habit of finding cute sandals that end up rubbing my feet and leaving blisters :/

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