Tunesday: Gardens & Villa

I was browsing through Yours Truly’s vimeo page the other day and, having heard a couple of songs by Gardens & Villa, checked out the video they did for “Orange Blossom.” I was completely blown away by their ability to recreate the sound from their album live, and later read that they took a vow as a band to always play all parts of their songs when they perform. Using guitar, brush-on-box drums, xylophone, and singer Chris Lynch alternating seamlessly between lyrics and flute like a pied piper, they create a funky sound that I can’t get enough of. There’s a great range to their self-titled debut, from the quasi-electronic, upbeat “Black Hills” to the moody, psychedelic “Chemtrails” and Pink Floyd-sounding “Sunday Morning” I can’t wait for them to come to the east coast so I can see them live!

Check out their video with Yours Truly below, and a playlist of some of their tunes.

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Top images via their website.


  1. Love them! Saw them play here in Philly a few months ago and helped interview them! They rock live! And gonna be at Coachella this year, too!

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