Blogger Diary: My Diary in Links

Image via Jovan Todorovic

I went to see Bombay Bicycle Club on Saturday night. Amazing show. If you’re not familiar, I suggest beginning with the songs: Shuffle and Lights Out, Words Gone

that kind of woman1

that kind of woman4

Woke up late because of daylight savings on Sunday, and moseyed around on this Tumblr before making moves.

sprouted kitchen

sprouted kitchen1

Holy food photography, this guy has me dying to buy a camera addition for close focusing.


I could never do entirely without a refrigerator, but it’s something to think about.



Another reason why I love Kinfolk – oh, and here too


Tilt-shift videos!

I trust the present. I trust the future. Life that is lived in any other manner is an illusion created from fear.

Resonating in my head from this bit of wisdom.

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Bombay Bicycle Club is such a joy to listen to! looove. x

Holy great bag! where d’you get it?