Details: Full Bloom

It’s not Spring just yet but the flowers are slowly creeping their way into our wardrobes, brightening up our latest catalog, our website, and of course our office! We can’t get enough of the floral trend; we love it from head to toe but we also love sprinkling it in little bits – a cute flower hairpiece here, some printed floral shoes there… check out some inspiration from around the office today of how we’re wearing florals…

The floral saddle shoes are perfectly sweet and subtle.


With flowers in her hair… the triple rose bobby pin.


We love the pastel shades of the floral denim blazer!


Put a little spring in your step with a pair of floral socks.


We love the idea of weaving floral headbands into braids :) Above is the flower suede tie and below is the sadie suede headband.



Which floral doc martens do you prefer: the floral casteel boot or the victorian floral docs?


I love how the floral print ankle crop jeans look with the ranger washed bucket bag!

Check out our floral accessories and floral shoe collections.


  1. 264. Going Up The Country – Canned Heat
    265. Cloud City – Pond
    266. At Home – Crystal Fighters
    267. Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes
    268. Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
    269. California – Joni Mitchell
    270. Chewing Gum – Annie
    271. Alice’s Restaurant – Arlo Guthrie (for the long, wide open road!)
    With love from Perth, Aus :) rayrayaokxx

  2. Free People- You are the only store I know who consistently throws out awesome ideas and pictures- good job! Now make your prices a little more reasonable so we can buy more of your goodies:)

  3. I am seriously loved the mixed florals trend. I used to think of florals as grandma’s closet – but the designers have somehow made it contemporary and cool. I hope it works its way into interior design soon!

  4. I adore this floral trend also – and so happy it’s come back round! I especially love the idea of seeing little bits of floral prints peeking out the edges of outfits … a slip underneath, or the top of a cami, or wristband or sock or sleeve cuff.

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