Makeup Monday: Define your eyebrows

The other night I stayed over my sisters, and as girls do you play around with beauty regimes. I’m the type of girl who hates plucking my eyebrows – it hurts too much… I’d rather let them be. However I was summoned to the bathroom to have a go at grooming my eyebrows.  I must say the outcome was pretty cool.  It helped define my features and it gave my face a much more powerful presence.

I loved the 60’s Edie Sedgwick look it gave, with a little bit of a Parisian flare. I’m now slightly addicted to this regime. Here are some easy tips on defining your eyebrows!

Image: Alexa Chung Daily

The product essential: Tweezerman Kit

1 – Let your eyebrows grow out for a month to help find your natural brow shape and thickness

2- Using the brow brush, sweep the hairs up and towards your forehead. With a grooming scissors, snip strands of hair longer than your natural brow line. Brush hairs back to the natural positions after you are done snipping.

3- Pluck the hairs under your eyebrow that don’t fit well with the natural shape, from the nose to the arch to the temple. Pluck in the direction of hair growth. Don’t pluck hair above the brows.

4- Using a brow pencil, fill in the colour of the brows in the direction of hair growth.

5- Brush again with the brow brush sweeping upwards towards your forehead.

And there you go; your face will become more prominent and confident!

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Carmen Moore
8 years ago

Alexa Chung… haha i still love the video :)

8 years ago

I love strong eyebrows! It’s true the make you look French xoxo

8 years ago

I have never plucked my eyebrows..they are blonde as are my lashes…I wish they were darker sometimes, but then ppl tell me im so lucky cause I don’t have to pluck them…

8 years ago

I’ve never really put much thought into my eyebrows but I think I may try this!

8 years ago

What songs are playing on the March Travelogue – Hanoi? :D

8 years ago

love all of these tips condidering i gave intense eyebrowls and amber hair! xo

7 years ago

why are you not supposed to pluck above the brow?, i wax the top and then pluck underneath, but i have very crazy and big eyebrows, i have little bits of black hair that fade into my forehead and inch from where my ACTUAL eye brow ends, it crazy