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DO: spring clean

I don’t know about you, but I found myself with some negative energy at the winter’s end. Starved for sun and fatigued, it seemed only natural. I milled and a wallowed in it, sometimes tilting my lips out of the water, hoping for that fresh breath at the water’s surface. And it was there.

With renewed oxygen, I began to delve into the little crevices: pockets where energies that needed to be let go had stored themselves.  What I encountered were not necessarily things that could be intellectualized, but also sentiments and feelings that had lodged themselves in there. I paid mind to the things had been pushed under the rug, and gave them light by verbalizing some, and physically wringing others out.

What I learned is that happiness and positivity aren’t just things that come without work. You have to scrub at the insecurities, and wipe down the mental blocks that are standing in your way. Sure, the dirt isn’t always visible at first glance. You may have to move the couch and vacuum up hidden dust bunnies. It takes energy and a desire for something better.

Now that spring is infusing us with renewal and ambition, take the time to get rid of that last winter dirt. We need to spring clean our bodies and minds just like we do for everything else. Sweat through a yoga class, or confide in someone you trust. Eat mint and other spices like turmeric. Purge yourself of the thoughts that you’ve been too scared to release upon the world.

It’s time for a fresh start.


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11 years ago

That’s the plan here! Between a general desire for “springness” and my mother visiting next month, there’s so much spring cleaning to do!

11 years ago

Love this post, just what I needed today.


11 years ago

This was a refreshing inspiration. I’ve been struggling to do some spring cleaning for myself over the past week, and while I couldn’t find the words to describe my desire for rejuvenation, it was eloquently stated here.

11 years ago

I love this. That first picture is my favorite!!

11 years ago

very lovely inspiration for this new spring ! thank u! where did you guys shoot the new april catalog? when does it drop??

11 years ago

i always come to this site looking for inspiration, and boy do i find it! i love the first picture, now i want Summer more than anything.

11 years ago

An inspiring collection of images and great advice! It is time for outdoor yoga and lavender lemonade. Planting produce and herbs. Oh my! This post got me so excited for Spring. The dogwood trees are just starting to bloom here in Virginia too. Beautiful.

11 years ago

Yayyyy!!! So good.

11 years ago

so eloquently spoken! very true, and an extremely graceful way of phrasing. love vibes!

11 years ago

excellent collection of photographs! love the one where she is hanging laundry.