Behind the Scenes in Vietnam

I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the photos and coverage that our catalog team brought back from Vietnam.  The landscape and scenery of Vietnam is breathtaking and its been so cool learning more about a country I really didn’t know much about. I’m sad to say this is the last batch of behind the scenes photos from Vietnam, but stay tuned for a sneak peek at our April book next week – it’s pretty awesome ;) Also, check out our complete journey to Vietnam and back over on Tripline!

Pictured: Ex Boyfriend Tee

Street yoga in Hanoi :)

Pictured: Victorian Lace Tube Dress, Avalon Sandal, Suede Flower Headband, Lina Leather Tote

Pictured: Sweet Spring Gingham Buttondown, Mini Cables Pullover, Warrior Choker

Pictured: Knotted Ikat Dress, Floral Braided Headdress

Pictured: Force of Nature Striped Skinny, Daisy Crochet Bikini Top, Touch of Cashmere Cardigan

Pictured: Pointed Cape Dress

Pictured: Sequin Baseball Jacket, Zevon Baseball Tee

Our team’s flight from Hanoi to Hue was diverted through Da Nang due to bad weather. They quickly changed their schedule and found a place to stay on the beach between Da Nang and Hoi An and frolicked happily in the South China Sea.

Pictured: Silk Terry Tracksuit Romper

Pictured: Silk Terry Poncho Dress


Pretty girls :)

View the journey on Tripline, and check out the full catalog on our website!

Photography by Joshua Allen and Thomas Northcut.

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man, this is the life!

this looks amazing!! and very cool tripline page!!

gorgeous! and the clothes featured are perfect…

Can it be my turn to shoot for you guys next? Where do I get in line?


wonderful pictures and lovely clothing!! looks like if the crew had a great time!!


This look amazing, and I’m from VN, one thing I want to say is : it’s call South Sea not South China Sea. You guy should have a better acknowledge when writing about geography.There are a hot top pic about South Sea & South china Sea (which is not true) between china and other Asia countries, I think you better use the word South Sea in general , there are 48 country in Asia, not everything about or belong to China. I’m so disappointed when I read the caption for the sea.Thank you.


i really love this batch!!! thanks for sharing! wish we could see more… :)
Where was the April book shot??? pleeeease! cant wait to get a peak!


It IS the South China Sea. You guys are right; ignore Christy’s comment.


Although that part of the sea had always been called the “South China Sea”, it is being called “East Sea” in Vietnam and “West Sea” in the Philippines. I totally understand Christy’s comment because China is currently claiming most of that part of the sea its own, pointing to the fact that its name “South China Sea” proves its sovereignty. Similarly, the beautiful stretch of white sand beach in Da Nang that was known as “China Beach” during the war is now known ONLY as “My Khe” to avoid the association with some other beach located thousands of miles north… Read more »