Thursday Poll: Blanket Bags

Festival season has begun, which has us thinking about bags – which bags we can pack a weekend’s worth of stuff into, and which bags will be good to walk around the festival with. Right now in our assortment, we have a bunch of blanket bags that are really great for all of these festival purposes. They’re boho cool enough for the scene, and functional enough encourage the fun. Which blanket bag will you be taking on your next festival trip?

The Vintage Cherokee Backpack

The Guatemalan Fringe Crossbody

The Oaxacan Weekender

The Rocas Carpet Crossbody

The Palmedo Blanket Bag

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11 years ago

Want them all!! Especially the Rocas. :)

Come check out the Avocado Pistachio Ice Cream I whipped up.


11 years ago

i’ll take one of each!!

11 years ago

i love all of them

11 years ago

i don’t get the catalogs anymore either, unfortunately. not sure why that is.