Thursday Poll: Electric Lime

Moving into spring, the freshest color palette – the one that the entire fashion world is falling for – is proving to be neon. Amongst the electric hues, one in particular seems to stick out: lime.  It’s that sour, half green, half yellow, heavy on the bright – shade. Add it into an outfit, and there’s an immediate zinggg. Which is your favorite FP item popping with the must-have hue?

Perforated Suede Jacket

Hallie Neon Wrap

hallie neon wrap

Long Color Block Cardigan

long color block cardigan

Brazilian Bikini Bandeau and Bottom

Brazillian Bikini Top and Bottoms

Pom Pom Sliders

pom pom sliders

Scallop Edge Lace Crop

Scallop Edge Lace Crop


  1. loving this look, but i totally agree with tara
    the model in the gorgeous bikini looks seriously far too thin
    and not exactly helping the ego of normal healthy people:P

  2. Love all of the looks. The model in the picture is skinny and could very well be healthy. I’m extremely skinny and always have been, it sure doesn’t mean I’m not healthy or don’t eat enough :] There are millions of women out there, so “normal” healthy people range from teeny tiny sizes all the way up to plus sizes.

  3. It’s 99% safe to say the model has an eating disorder. Let’s call it what it is and maybe help some people who are struggling along the way. For the brand Free People tries to portray, they should use real sized women- but they don’t. That’s why half the things you order from them that look great on the 5’10, 110 pound model, you get at home and your like oh really? that looks kinda different on me a 5’3′ girl who weighs 130 pounds.

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