Thursday Poll: Seamless

At Free People we know the power of layering clothes. which is why we have one of the best collections of intimates around.  Within that collection you’ll find a whole category of seamless items. You think seamless, and you imagine plain and boring, but these items are anything but. They’re not only comfortable, but they give that perfect peek of texture, color, and pattern underneath. They are useful fashion items that are really fun to mess around with in styling.  Which is your favorite seamless item in the collection right now?

Lattice Seamless Short

Seamless Tupelo Honey Top

seamless tupelo honey top

Seamless Eyelet Romper

seamless eyelet romper

Ruched Seamless Short

ruched seamless short

Ribbed Lowback Bodycon

ribbed low back bodycon

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11 years ago

I LOVE/WANT/NEED(?) that romper. I can’t believe it’s last in the polls, ha ha!