Thursday Poll: Spring Cleaning Lookbook

Around the office, I think that we’re all particularly fond of this month’s lookbook, Spring Cleaning. It’s tough for anyone to pick a favorite shot. Each photo is full of that clean energy we so strongly desire around this time of year. So tell us, can you pick a favorite? Which photo has you refreshed and ready to take on spring?

Look 1

Look 2


Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

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would you guys mind telling about the makeup used on her? she looks so fresh and natural!


I must say…I am a FP nut and love you guys to death and this would be the very first time that I would say something negative…As soon as I clicked to vote and came here..the VERY FIRST thing I thought of was ‘TIRED’….NOT refreshed….She looks like she just rolled out of bed and her face has tired written all over it….I’ve seen sunshiny all natural beauty with no make-up, but she needs to go back to bed. Not good for FP..


4, 5 ,6 & 7 no doubt.


hey thats cool