Trend: Floral Headdresses

The floral headband underlines the delicate femininity of Spring Summer 2012. We’re in love with floral and what’s more floral headdresses!

A couple of months ago, I was flicking through an old Harper’s Bazzar from the 50’s and fell in love with the work of Louise Dahl Wolfe and her portraits of women in floral headdresses. It brought “Spring Bloom” to my mind and the super romantic feeling that I admire so much in fashion.

The Spring Summer 2012 runways brought floral attire higher with the floral headdress, featured on many runways from Moschino, to Dolce and Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta. It added a new twist to hair ornaments for spring and gave “US” a new giddy addiction. We love these accessories worn with simple but enchanting clothing and feel they are the ideal MUST HAVE for festivals. It’s also so lovely seeing them worn by celebrities such as French actress Josephine de la Baume and Tavi Gavinson taking them out of the runway fantasy world and into real life.

Are you bold enough to wear this trend?

Product: Flower Braid Halo, Floral Braided Headdress, Tonal Ribbon Flower Headdress


Inspiration: Moschino S/S 2012,  Oscar de la Renta S/S 2012


Inspiration: Louise Dahl Wolfe, Harper’s Bazaar


Celebrities: Josephine de la Baume and Tavi Gavinson



  1. I love this trend!! I’m into romantic and natural pieces so this is perfect! You should have also mentioned Lana Del Rey. I love her style and there are many photos of her in floral headdresses.

  2. You just brought this to my attention. I love this look it’s so fun to wear and fool around with your girlfriends! Thanks

  3. I make my own and work at walnut fp, and sooo many customers complimented me on my flower crown, but I felt bad because I couldn’t sell them one since we didn’t have anything in the store like it. glad fp finally picked them up! I hope walnut gets a shipment. =)

  4. Love this trend and all the floral combinations. The head pieces in your latest catalog were gorgeous. Wish I was a little gutsier to try it out.

  5. I need a floral headpiece as a statement for my Courtney Love costume. Anyone have recommendations of where to find one/how to make one?

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