Trend: Mixing Vintage

We can all admit to loving vintage and a flea market trip can often be quite therapeutic, don’t you think? My wardrobe consists of 50% vintage 50% new clothing, I always feel it’s nice to mix and match my looks with old and new making an individual style that hard to reinterpret. Whenever I walk into a vintage store I always get overwhelmed with the selection – there are so many different styles from bygone era’s that it makes my head go all fuzzy  – so I pick signature items like shirts, dresses that I can take home and tone down with staple items in my wardrobe. I always like adding the odd vintage accessory to my look too like a vintage shawl, old moccasins or a great satchel – then your style is unique, no one will have your look and that’s what makes vintage special.

Are you a vintage addict?

Create a unique look by adding vintage accessories like a crochet shawl or old cowboy boots

Items: vintage crochet scarf, traveler denim jacket, dot layering romper, smocked dress, vintage round toe western boot

Give new items a little twist by adding interesting vintage shirts

Items: colored denim cutoff shorts, vintage loves shirts coming soon, destroyed skinny jean, hammered stud crossbody, boracay crossbody, star straw fedora

Break up a full vintage outfit with a modern satchel

Items: vintage loves pink lace princess dress, vintage short moccassins, studded moroccan crossbody




  1. I’d say my wardrobe is 50/50 too. I love wearing vintage, but I hate to look like I’m in costume (except when I’m doing ‘dressups’ for my blog). Cute fashion arithmetic presentations too!

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