Trend: Summer Sequins

From our homepage this week “Spring Shine” you can tell that we’re pretty smitten with things that glisten – sequins can be a very captivating thing to wear when caught in the right light they become simply charming. Most people tend to only be confident in sequins come party season or at night but we’re bringing them out of the nightlife and into the day. Sequin miniskirts are on our minds this summer; we want to tease the sunlight with these mystical pieces.

The way to wear them: dress them down with basic, simple casual items like a loose tee and denim vests,  finish them off with rugged chucks and tossed hair,  then get ready to be flirtatious with the sunlight.

Items: Cut Out Sequin Mini Skirt, Striped Long Sleeve Boxy Tee, Denim Vest, Studded Chucks,


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