Trend: Ways to Wear Tunics

The trend we love this week has a soft 60’s vibe that we’re calling Abbey Road. We’re showing love towards our favorite 60’s silhouettes and especially the look we adore lately, wearing tunics with all sorts of bottoms. We see tunics as a kind of safe top; it elongates your top half and gives a sophisticated girly touch to any bottoms you wear with it!

There are so many options with these adorable yet simple creations that it’s hard to say no to it. So we took our lovely assistant stylist outside and created 3 different ways to wear our Laceys Tunic

Outfit one: layer it with a slip to create a fuller silhouette and a prettier edge, wear with contrasting skinny jeans to relax the look

Items: Laceys Tunic, Denim Vest, Vicose Voile Tiered Cami, Destroyed Skinny Jean, Jamison Ankle Boot

Outfit Two: for the full 60’s feel we love wearing this tunic with wideleg pants creating a flowing, dreamlike outfit. Add a simple necklace and a few bracelets and you’re done!

Items: Laceys Tunic , Wideleg Pants, Jamison Ankle Boot, Neon Tide Layering Necklace


Outfit Three: If you’re going somewhere extra special you can wear the tunic as a dress with a slip underneath to give a little more length, put on some heels and a little hat and you’re ready for the evening. This look will also look great with sandals

Items: Laceys Tunic, Denim Vest, Vicose Voile Tiered Cami, Jamison Ankle Boot, Northridge Necklace


How would you wear a Tunic?

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love the layering! the denim adds a cute touch, too.

cute!! I love the lace peeking out! :)


i love tunics such the perfect thing!!!


I would LOVE to know if the slip shown is a FP piece not yet released because it is certainly NOT the Dancer Slip. I love the trim on the bottom of this one..very intricate and vintage looking. The Dancer Slip comes in peach or silver and has an uneven hem made of lace and chiffon panels. TIA

This is nice. Really love to read that article. Thanks for this ..


I am thinking this not the Vicose Voile Tiered Cami either, because the Lacey’s Tunic is 29″ length, and that cami is 22″ length. So no way it could be peeking out from underneath, as it is 7″ shorter. I, too would really love to know which cami/slip is underneath. I already have the tunic, and really would love the right slip/cami for underneath.


Phew! I’ve been doing this for years and I was beginning to think my sense of style was a little ‘out there’. Love these looks~