An Interview with Tavik Swim

Swimwear has become ever-so-popular over the last couple of years and styles are more advanced in terms of fashionable ideas — making many girls want to wear them in creative ways.

This year at Coachella, we noticed quite a few girls wearing fashionable swimwear as outerwear. To celebrate this new move in festival fashion, we talked to Tavik Swim — who we love very much — about their designs and how swim has evolved into outerwear dressing.

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Tavik Swim is a brand that reflects the Southern California lifestyle — it’s heightened by the experience of surf, street, music and style. Get to know Tavik Swim below!

How did your label start out?
I started Tavik Swimwear about 4 years ago. I graduated from FIDM Los Angeles in ‘07 and in 2010 went to Tavik Inc. and proposed a business deal with them to license their name to me to design, develop, produce and run a womens swimwear business. On gut instinct and word of mouth, they decided to let me run with it.  After this I went to Pairs with my mom to meet with fabric manufactures and met an amazing company based out of Italy to develop our fabrics. From there I came back and designed a collection for 2010 and we launched it at Miami Swim.

What do you think makes a good swimsuit?
To me what makes a great swimsuit is fit, design and the print. There are so many great swim brands out there and I really think having a unique design and print really makes you stand out.

Swimwear has become so fashionable over the last couple of years and people now wear some pieces as outerwear. Why is that?
This is something I love and always try to incorporate in my designs. I think beach/surf culture has really become a staple in fashion over the past couple of years and it’s because of this that we see girls wearing bikinis and one pieces as outerwear. I love a good one piece paired with high-waisted denim short and some cute boots.

What do you love most about LA? Does it influence your designs at all?
What I love most about LA is the weather — sunshine! It definitely influences my designs. Living by the beach and the Southern California lifestyle is always inspirational.

Summarize Coachella in 3 words!
Desert Gypsys, music heaven, pow wows.

What’s next for Tavik?
Miami Swim! It’s when we will be launching next year’s designs. We have a few new collaborations, too, that we will be launching!


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11 years ago

Where is the bathing suit top from in the very first picture?


11 years ago

Yes! I love swimsuits as outer wear! This was so normal when I lived in Hawaii, but not so much in Arizona where I live now. I’m so glad its becoming more acceptable…I mean its hot so why the heck not?