April Catalog Makeup Tutorial

Going to Coachella? We’ve got the makeup tutorial for you! Our makeup artist Deanna demonstrates how to get a smokin’ look featuring model Hailey Clauson. To keep from looking too shiny in the heat, we used all matte products with just a tiny bit of gold shimmer, so no matter how hot it gets in the desert, you’ll still look cool as a cucumber ;)

Watch the video and check out the products you can use to get the look below!

1. Contour cheeks with Nars Blush in Zen; 2. Rather than a hard eyeliner, use a smokey shade of eyeshadow on the upper and lower eye lid, like Nars Matte Eyeshadow in Bali; 3. Dab a bit of Bobbi Brown Gold Eyeshadow on the inner corner of eyes for a tiny bit of shine; 4. One coat of black mascara on upper lashes; 5. Mac Pigment in Neo Orange on lips – wet pigment slightly to bring out color; 6. Finish with American Apparel Neon Nail Polish, mix different colors for skittle nails :)


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Free people tutorials are ALWAYS my favorite. I would love to work with your company one day :) so fun

It was because of your blog I started using Nars! Great tutorial!

Wow I love these neon colored nail polish. In particular, the purple one catches my eye.

a rose my any other name would smell as sweet

god, it must be hard being so gorgeous


Wait! Is there one item shown there that you forgot to list? What in the little bright orange pot?! ;)


It looks like it might be a top view of the MAC pigment powder (5). This way you can really see the color/texture of it. Great tutorial, thanks!

Sunny Hartley

Yesssssss! I love these make-up tutorials!!! Thank you SO much and keep ’em coming! :D


LOVE the lip color!!

Erika G

It might be way too late to comments but what type of Bobbie Brown Brush is that? It’s the perfect eyeshadow brush!