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I suffer from pretty severe seasonal affective disorder, and this time of year I always feel like I’m coming out of hibernation. The extra sunlight, the scent of flowers blooming and their bright colors… all these senses send signals to my brain that it’s time to go outside and be more active. I suddenly have the energy to get up and do yoga in the morning before work, and spend that extra time after work enjoying the added daylight. Around this time each year I have such an urge to go to the beach – I need to feel sand under my toes and salt water on my skin…but this weekend I enjoyed the beautiful spring weather here in Philly. I went to Terrain yesterday to take part in a terrarium workshop – DIY coming on Wednesday! – and couldn’t stop admiring the rainbow of colors blooming in every corner. Philly is mighty pretty this time of year.

P.S. go Flyers!!!

The late afternoon sun making rainbows on our office walls…

Terrain is definitely worth a trip this time of year!

Photos by Julia.

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