Blogger Diary: Paint Your Own Pottery

Sometimes you just need something relaxing and creative to let your brain chill for awhile.

I recently got my bike back in commission, and have found myself doing a lot of exploring, both solo and with friends. During one adventure, a friend and I came across a paint your own pottery spot. We stopped in out of curiosity, and learned about their Thirsty Thursday events. What better way to wind down the week than with friends, a glass of wine, and some painting? Plus, they run a special discount on all drinkware if you come in during Thirsty Thursday. Cheap, relaxing, and creative? Genius. We were there…

I didn’t finish in one sitting. I’m still planning to go back and finish up, but I wanted to share some of the inspiration tears that I gathered beforehand. What kind of pottery do you all like?

click on images for sources

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where was this?


So awesome!!!

aww i love it that you painted chevron stripes, i’ve been doing that on my handmade pottery..check it out


My Clayground in Roswell, GA has pottery painting and much, much, more. Plus the staff is fabulous and very helpful; even for the less artistic artist.