Ask Brian: The Wolf Man Seeks Love

Believe it or not, we do have a handful of guys who work here at the Free People home office – and it’s great to pick their brains every once in a while for a male perspective on fashion and of course relationships.  They are brutally honest, and also pretty darn funny (see here). So it occurred to us, we should share their valuable advice and give you, our readers, the chance to ask them questions too! Enter Brian, our new blog contributor who will share his wisdom, advice and humor in the new series “Ask Brian.” To kick things off, one of our fp girls asked the question…

“I want to ask out this guy that I like, but I don’t want to scare him… what would be a good first date? What should I wear?”

Brian: Well, before you and I can work out a plan of action here, it’s probably best if I know what makes you such a scary person. Is it your long and varied criminal record? Your tendency to turn into the Wolf Man during a full moon? Your undying love of Nickelback?

Wait, it’s none of the above? You’re totally normal and awesome? Then just ask the dude out! The truth of the matter is that asking people out can be pretty hard. If this guy is even remotely into you, you’re actually doing him a favor in getting you both over that difficult first step. And showing him that you’re interested makes it so much easier for him to relax and be himself because you’ve already answered the question, “does she like me?” Win win.

Not the best romantic strategy.

But if you’re still worried about being too aggressive and scary, it’s probably best to err on the side of subtlety for your first date. Grab a coffee instead of dinner. Hang out at your favorite park instead of your friend’s crowded party. Do you guys like the same music? Meet up for a drink and, if neither of you terrify each other, catch a show after. And wear your Confident Outfit. That’s a thing, right? That outfit you love because it makes you feel great and lands you all these compliments from your friends? The one you don’t have to worry about because of its proven track record in helping you look good and feeling comfortable? Wear that. Unless your Confident Outfit is anchored by sweatpants tucked into furry boots (scary!), you’ll look cute and not aggressively over the top and you’ll be able to focus on having fun.

Of course, I guess we should address the fact that he could flat out turn you down. That’d be a bummer, obviously. But as a subscriber to the Rip the Band-Aid Off FAST! philosophy in life, I think it’s best that you know that he’s not interested sooner than you would if you waited for him to ask you out instead. And you’d be waiting for awhile. Besides, he probably has all the lyrics of “Photograph” tattooed all over his back anyway, right? Win win.

Look at this photograph. Every time I do, it makes me laugh.

Got a question for Brian? Leave them in the comments below or email, subject: “Ask Brian”

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hahaha this is sooooooo good


oh my goodness…brian. you are FANTASTIC!! i cannot stop the tears from hysterical laughter after reading your words and looking at that photograph. you are right on, brotha.

Bob Wolfman

I don’t appreciate the tone of this post. Even wolf men need love….


I love this. :D Absolute LOVE this. Hahahahaha.

Nickelback….ha that was funny!


This is fantastic. An awesome addition to the blog.


this needs to be turned into a vlog, too good.