Coachella: An Interview with Other Lives

Their sweeping, moody and nostalgic music can send shivers down your spine… Other Lives released their sophomore album, Tamer Animals, earlier this year and after touring with the likes of Bon Iver and Radiohead they landed in Coachella to perform an afternoon set to many festival goers.

Their sound is like a mystical orchestration and with your eyes softly closed and headphones on you’ll find yourself drifting into another world. We were happy to catch up with the lead singer Jesse Tabish in a small trailer situated in the media tent at Coachella, It felt like we were talking to some kind of woodlandic being, he had an incredible pixie presence.

Here’s a short but sweet interview with Jesse Tabish from Other Lives

Photo by Carl Warren

Photo by Carl Warren

How would you describe your music?

(a drawing of a constellation and sound waves)

How did you evolve?

Long hours and 10 years

The song For 12 is a favorite amongst us Free People girls, what inspired that song?

My sister wrote a film and wanted me to do the music, and so…

How do you feel about performing at Coachella?

Not bad, why not

Is this your first time performing at a large festival like this?


What’s next for Other Lives?

Touring and an E.P

And lastly… how would you describe the fashion at Coachella?

Boho and cold

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11 years ago

oh i love other lives! my husband and i lived across the street from them in stillwater, oklahoma when they were (formerly) kunek. we used to sit out on our porch and listen to them rehearse.

a few months ago we saw them in okc and chatted with them after the show. they are such down to earth and cool folks.

i enjoyed this post. xoxo, sarah