Coachella: A Photo Diary

Day two of Coachella was an incredible day for us FP girls. It was hot but the sun made for a beautiful day.

At noon we met up with the cutest girls at the ferris wheel to hand them their camera to document the festival through their eyes, then the day continued with us sourcing some great fashion, denim shorts and body paints were definitely the most popular attire. In the VIP area we spotted a host of awesome models like Lily Donaldson and Karlie Kloss enjoying the beautiful weather and the amazing sounds of the artists.

The evening came and the best acts that day were about to start – we ran from Feist, Bon Iver and then Radiohead trying to get early access into the photographers pit to capture some great shots of these talented musicians in action.

We got back to our tent at midnight and collapsed…now it’s the last day! I wonder what it will hold for us…





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10 years ago

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