Coachella: A Photo Diary

We arrived at our campsite, mid afternoon. You could hear the music sound, waves drifting through the air as we made our tent feel cozy. We headed into the festival and captured some style – Harley Viera Newton and Arizona Muse made our day. The style at Coachella is quite lovely this year – bohemian mixed with grunge I think is a good call to make.

We headed to the press tent to upload our finds onto instagram then drifted into the desert night listening to some of the awesome bands that were playing – Pulp, M. Ward and Passion Pit to name but a few.

The evening was over,Coachella sure did overwhelm us on its very first day. Now it’s day two and we’re just getting started.






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11 years ago

Oh, I wish I could have gone! And I love the new layout!