DIY Festival Flag

For today’s DIY I was inspired by – what else – music festivals. One thing that always comes in handy at festivals is a flag – for your campsite or your car, or just to carry around and wave it so your friends can find you in a crowd. Plus, they’re just plain fun! With a crew of fp girls hearing to Coachella this weekend, I decided to make them a Free People flag to take along :)

What you need: To make a flag, you’ll need your fabric of choice – I used a Free People tote bag, but you could use an old tapestry or clothes, or even sew together some fabric scraps to make a cool patchwork flag! As the flag “pole” I used a stick found outside, and then I used some embroidery thread to add some color pops.

I cut the bag to a rectangle shape, and then did a quick whip-stitch around all sides to add some color with the embroidery thread.

To attach the flag to the stick, I simply sewed it using another piece of embroidery thread.

For the finishing touch I wrapped the stick with different colors of embroidery thread – and voila, a free people festival flag :)

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9 years ago

Too cute!

9 years ago

Love it

9 years ago
8 years ago

Love this. I’m so doing this. :)