Festival Inspiration: April Catalog Behind the Scenes

I can’t get enough of the colorful hair and face paint used in our April catalog…so much festival inspiration! We have some hair tutorials coming your way, and be sure to check out our festival paint video too :)

View the complete April Catalog and Festival Lookbook for more inspiration, and check out our Festival Shop for all your Coachella/Sasquatch/Bonnaroo/Lollapalooza/Outside Lands/Etc. needs :)

Photos by Thomas Northcut.


  1. I loved (!) the fashion in the April Lookbook..as well as the photos displayed here online. Now, if only some other pics in the catalog had not been disturbing ( that are not shown here online): there was a “battered” look to some of the face paint (red in particular, coupled with the unhappy expressions on the models), the 2 girls leaving the out of focus ‘MOTEL’ sign behind had their heads down and sunglasses on ( live proud, ..you are free!), and an alarming shot of a young woman who appeared to be contemplating stepping off a rock edge into an abyss. Certainly, art ( and I consider FP to be such) has every right to be provocative, yet there is an accompanying social conscience as to the messages your images are sending.

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