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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of April 23rd – 29th

ARIES ~ March 21-April 19

With liberating Uranus in Aries for the past year, your usual impulse to break free from the pack and do your own thing has been overwhelming at times. And it tends to reach a fever pitch whenever you think you might be becoming a—gulp—conformist. Relax. It’s possible that you’re mixing up conformism and success. You have been reaching goals lately, and the view from that higher rung on the ladder is looking pretty good. This week, allow yourself to revel in the satisfaction that your recent accomplishments are meant to give you. Being a grown-up renegade isn’t so bad!


TAURUS ~ April 20-May 20

The Taurus sun is forming lovely angles with Mars in your self-expression house and Pluto in your faith sector. Whatever adversity you’ve experienced on a micro level, this week’s formation reminds you to think big picture. Your perspective on the future has been undergoing a powerful—albeit subtle—transformation, and your assignment now is to tap into that positivity and express it in a tangible way. One last thing: Since this potent planetary trio is occupying the earth signs, there’s a marked emphasis on the physical senses—something you Bulls know your way around. If you need more inspiration to put some inner joy out into the world, watch this.


GEMINI ~ May 21-June 20

What do you want to be when you grow up? People of all ages grapple with this conundrum at times, but thanks to murky Neptune in your career sector, it’s probably been on your mind a lot in the last couple of months. Your path may not be very clear at the moment—and may not come into focus anytime soon—but that’s okay. In American culture, we’re prone to over-identifying with our work, “What do you do?” often being the first question out of our mouths when meeting someone new. With energetic Mars in your home angle, you’re naturally more interested in cocooning these days than conquering the world. Time with your family, roommates or by yourself at home will refill your tank.


CANCER ~ June 21-July 22

As the first water sign, Cancer is considered to have a cardinal or initiatory quality (and the same is true for the first fire, earth and air signs.) In other words, you specialize in getting things started. With the moon in Cancer on Thursday and Friday, your emotional needs are the driving force behind that desire to start something. But it’s best to resist the urge, and here’s why: Other planets are signaling that it’s a better time to either maintain a steady course and consolidate what you’ve already got going on or to shift gears, reorient yourself and make any necessary adjustments. Crabs are the mothers of the zodiac, but this is a week for development, not birth.

LEO ~ July 23-August 22

“How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives.” ~Annie Dillard

Transformational Pluto in your daily-routines house has issued a decree for a major overhaul in how you spend your days. When the sun and the moon both encounter Pluto this week, if you haven’t been rethinking your time-sucking habits already, the universe is telling you to get on it. Are the majority of your activities an accurate reflection of what you value and where you’re headed? Could someone tell what your priorities are if they followed you around all day? Everyone needs to decompress, so the aim shouldn’t be nonstop action dawn to dusk. But try going through your schedule and asking, “What’s this worth to me?” The answer will tell you if you should continue giving it your time.

VIRGO ~ August 23-September 22

Virgo can break it down like no other sign. You can critique circles around the rest of us and analyze everything to the nth degree. But the sun in your beliefs house wants you to forget the trees for a second and check out the forest. At the moment, obsessing over details is not conducive to creating the future that you envision. A healthy dose of wonder will prove incredibly useful in moving forward—forward towards a life that your intuition tells you is possible. You need to give your brain a break and let it do what it does when you’re on the precipice of sleep—imagine. Revelations come if you invest your energy in the vision, not the revision.

LIBRA ~ September 23-October 22

Pluto has a reputation for being a pillager, but what he’s really doing is purging. Getting rid of what we don’t need—no matter how much we think we do—and teaching us that we can, and should, live without it. He took up long-term residence in your domestic sector a few years ago, and you’ll feel the effects even more this week when Pluto is triggered by three other planets. Spring cleaning time! Clear out not only the dust bunnies that are breeding under your bed, but the clutter that’s weighing you down. Think of it as a purification ritual. You’ll feel cleansed and invigorated when you finish.

SCORPIO ~ October 23-November 21

Make “It takes a village” your personal motto this week, when the sun in your partnership angle collaborates with go-getter Mars in your groups zone and heavyweight Pluto in your community sector in the practical earth signs. These three planets are forming a powerful triumvirate that will help you manifest something you’re trying to launch. All you have to do is reach out—to friends, acquaintances, boyfriends, siblings, organizations—and you’ll have the assistance you need to generate something that matters to you. Your project may not materialize overnight, but if you start building a coalition now, it will happen.


SAGITTARIUS ~ November 22-December 21

Sagittarians are known for their optimism, something that leads you to bite off more than you can chew at times. That’s not a problem this week. It’s not that you’re suddenly going to espouse moderation and pragmatism, but what you’ve got going for you is this: The planets are aligning in your work and resources zones, giving you the potential to be insanely productive. If you dedicate time to an important job now and avoid distractions, you’ll get a shocking amount done. When you don’t give the task at hand your full attention that Sag enthusiasm can border on ADHD, so put the blinders on.

CAPRICORN ~ December 22-January 19

Though Goats are super sensible, a concentration of planetary power in your fire houses this week gets you, well, fired up! Normally you’re almost too good at seeing the downside of things, but this configuration helps you view the glass as half full. What’s called for now is something that may not appear to have any practical purpose: pure creativity. The act of creating something from within inherently fosters greater self-awareness, and that in turn increases your overall sense of wellbeing. So paint a self-portrait, concoct a recipe to sate a personal craving, write a semi-autobiographical short story…procreate a part of you, and don’t find fault with it. The point of the exercise is pride.

AQUARIUS ~ January 20-February 18

When the sun in your ancestral-roots angle connects with Mars in your psychology sector and Pluto in your karma zone, you’re presented with a unique opportunity to transform a family trait. You won’t necessarily have to unearth long-buried secrets or drag any skeletons out of the closet, but you will need to do some digging in your own psyche. A little introspection will get you to recognize a legacy that’s not serving you. What issue has been handed down through generations? Have you inherited fear, anger, addiction, envy, disenchantment, self-sabotage? Now’s your chance to examine it and heal it.

February 19-March 20
Though curiosity is said to kill cats, it brings Fishes to life this week. The sun—a source of vitality-—is transiting your learning house and clicking with both Mars in your relationships angle and Pluto in your groups zone. Soak up as much information as you can through conversations with people throughout the week. Ask loads of questions and really listen to the answers. Allow the flow of dialogue to take you to unexpected places. Think how alive and alert a child seems when they’re intent on discovering all there is to know about the world around them. An inquiring mind has a Red-Bull effect on you now.


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9 years ago

weirdly accurate! love this new feature, but had a hard time finding it on the blog this week.

9 years ago

annie – you can find it under features or just search horoscopes and it’ll come up! :)