Inspiration: Surf Photography by Jeff Divine

This vintage surf photography by Jeff Divine is unreal! He truly has a gift for capturing the colors and the grittiness of the surf lifestyle back in the 70s when it was really picking up… I have had that above photo in my inspiration folder for YEARS and only just now learned who it was by. I’m so glad I did because his work is amazing!

Check out more of his work here:; found via Summer Teeth.

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11 years ago

beautiful photos…absolutely love.

11 years ago

did this by chance come from my lil ol blog?! if so, happy to have helped you discover the photographer of that beautiful photo! the color kills me.

madeline damasceno
11 years ago

that is my uncle Jeff!! so stoked his art resonated with you…his wife and I are always inspired by the free people shoots. THANK YOU for sharing :-)

11 years ago

sweet. julia, you are the raddest!

11 years ago

Incredible. Some look like North Shore, where else were these taken? Love these.

11 years ago

HI, I’m a 9th grade photography student and I really like Jeff Divine’s photography becasue I surf more than anything and the photography now is so differnt then it was back then so I wanted to do my biography report on him, his photography is so inspiring. I just need a few basic things like where and when he was born, and why he got into photography, or whatever else you know.
Thank you,