Intimately Free People: The E-Book is Here!

The new Intimately Free People collection is here, complete with an awesome interactive e-book and a whole new layout to our intimates section online. We really do have something for every type of girl – romantic and pretty, comfortable and cool, and playful and sexy. Check out the video for more inspiration and let us know which girl you are when it comes to intimates!

View the full Intimately Free People E-Book

Also, check out an interview with our intimates fashion manager here!

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8 years ago

beautiful! i want everything!

8 years ago

makes me wish for smaller boobs

8 years ago

Makes me wish for smaller boobs :(
but all is so pretty!

8 years ago

love this! I love the pale green bra Martha was wearing!

8 years ago

ahh so pretty, I need to stock my closet!

7 years ago

Are some of these girls unhealthy?