Introducing Free People Horoscopes!

Welcome to the first edition of Free People Horoscopes!! Tracy Allen, our new contributing astrologer, will shed weekly star-based wisdom upon us and work with us continually on fun projects. Tracy is most drawn to the psychological aspect of astrology and using it to lead a happier and healthier relationship with yourself and others. We’re excited to work with Tracy and to launch this new post series – stay tuned for your weekly horoscopes on Sundays here on the blog!

Week of April 9th – 15th 2012

Aries ~ March 21-April 19

Rams are doers, so it doesn’t faze you that for several months now, your to-do list has been as long as War and Peace. What’s driving you nuts is the fact that – thanks to your ruler Mars traveling retrograde in perfectionist Virgo since January – practically everything on your list has required a do-over. The universe hasn’t been lobbing monkey wrenches into your plans just for kicks, though. You’ve learned how important it can be to pause and recalibrate, which doesn’t always come easy for your go-go-go sign. But, get ready because Mars moves forward on Friday, kicking you back into gear. Just remember: You’ll cross a lot off your list in the next three months if you embrace the adage that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Taurus ~ April 20-May 20

Keep your eyes peeled for lightning bolts this week (not literally – this is strictly a cosmic weather forecast!) Arbitrary Uranus in your unconscious sector is bound to shake things up in a way that you didn’t see coming. Stable Tauruses often prefer the reassuring feel of the ground beneath their feet to the exhilarating feel of the wind in their hair, but not always. You know deep down that your comfort zone can be a self-made cage. Uranus is here to remind you that the door to your cage is wide open. So stroll through it even if you’re not sure what awaits you out there. Say yes to any opportunity for adventure – you won’t be sorry.


Gemini ~ May 21-June 20

To say that Geminis are charming is an understatement. And you don’t discriminate…you turn it on for puppies, grandparents, you name it. Chalk it up to your lighthearted, social nature. With magnetic Venus in your sign the next few months, you can expect people to be lining up for you like a summer blockbuster before you even bat your eyelashes. But this week, with Venus contacting planets in your relationships houses, the trick will be to stay aware of others’ needs and emotions. As lovely as it is to feel the power of your own attraction, keep in mind that people can get the wrong idea and read more into your friendly vibe than you intend. Be your playful self, of course, but take it down a notch if you sense someone could get hurt.


Cancer ~ June 21-July 22

“The answer to injustice is not to silence the critic, but to end the injustice.” – Paul Robeson

You may be spoiling for a fight when feisty Mars moves forward in your communication zone – and in the critical sign of Virgo no less. But instead of putting your energy into winning an argument, pay attention to what issue has got you so worked up. Most likely, it involves a wrong that you think needs to be righted. Attack the problem, not a debate partner. First educate yourself about what can be done, then walk the talk. Channel your passion into corrective action, and leave the hot air to political candidates!


Leo ~ July 23-August 22

Admit it: You don’t always stick to your budget. Or maybe you’re asking “Budget? Am I supposed to have a budget?” Yes, even you regal creatures should rein it in sometimes! Resolve to get your cash flow back on track, but don’t assume that rules out all future fun. For starters, rework an outing with your friends so it’s less splurgy (Headed to Coachella this weekend? Opt for off-site camping.) Taking control of your finances may sound like a buzzkill, but it’s going to feel really empowering. To assimilate the concept of investing in yourself, ponder this question: Where do worth and self-worth intersect for me?


Virgo ~ August 23-September 22

Planetary activity in your home and creativity zones has you feeling both nesty and crafty this week, so why not combine the two? Pick an area of your place to focus on, and add an element that will breathe new life into it. My desk is made from film reels (Okay, I confess…I bought it. I didn’t make it!) I love movies, so what might be a mere writing surface becomes a source of inspiration. Does your bedroom need revitalizing? Stencil a poem over your bed in a soothing hue. Pablo Neruda dispenses an aphrodisiac in verse, while Edna St. Vincent Millay’s sonnets will transport you to the era of Greenwich Village free love.


Libra ~ September 23-October 22

“If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.” Margaret Mead

Desirous Venus is dancing through your long-journeys house, setting your sights on the distant horizon. If a big trip isn’t in the cards right now, the universe may provide an impromptu encounter with someone from a culture other than your own. Or better yet, take matters into your own hands, and seek out an experience that will prompt you to mull life in foreign lands. Meander through your local Chinatown, sampling the wares and chatting up shopkeepers. Or watch Sufis whirling at an arts festival, and let their spiritual trance envelop you.


Scorpio ~ October 23-November 21

Even though Scorps divulge personal info about as readily as CIA agents give up state secrets, when the sensitive moon connects with intense Pluto in your communication sector this week, you get the urge to spill your guts. In fact, this urge has been coming on for a long while. I don’t need to tell you spy-types to use discretion in choosing a confidant. Not everyone is going to understand what you’re going through, and opening up to the wrong person can feel worse than holding it in. What really matters is that you understand what you’re going through, and using your words to process your feelings is essential to that end. Don’t feel comfortable unloading on anyone in particular just yet? Journal!


Sagittarius ~ November 22-December 21

Good news: The moon in your sign puts your needs front and center this week. Bad news: Mars in your career angle and Mercury and Neptune in your home angle are signaling that you’ve gotta take care of business in one or both of those areas to earn some guilt-free me-time. Sag girls have energy to burn, so you’re perfectly capable of holding it down on all fronts. Admittedly, tackling all the practical stuff isn’t exactly fun, but isn’t it a good idea anyway to have clean clothes for whatever real fun you’ve got in mind? And definitely do block off time for some form of sheer joy after your work’s done.



Capricorn ~ December 22-January 19

Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory depicts the classic struggles that humans face as they progress through developmental stages from infancy to old age. In early childhood, he said, we grapple with autonomy vs. shame/doubt and initiative vs. guilt. Those conflicts are being played out inside you, and the battle edges to the forefront this week. As a Cap, you’re likely to gravitate to the doubt-and-guilt end of the spectrum, which makes the rebellion that’s been germinating in the back of your head kinda unnerving, to say the least. You don’t have to figure it all out right this second. But it is time to start wrapping your brain around this: Both the regime and the impetus to overthrow it are coming from within you.


Aquarius ~ January 20-February 18

When the moon in Aquarius clicks with whimsical Uranus and sociable Venus this weekend, expect the unexpected – from yourself and from others. You might decide at the spur of the moment to host a small party for your closest friends, and then it ends up mushrooming into an all-night blowout. Who knew you had 200 bff’s? Or you’re suddenly feeling bold enough to make a move on the guy you’ve been crushing on for months, and it turns out he’s not attracted to girls. The sun in your verbal sector saves the day, allowing you to talk your way out of whatever sticky situation you get yourself into. Your sign’s ruled by zany Uranus anyway, so you secretly like it when things don’t go according to plan!



Pisces ~ February 19-March 20

You’re not too crazy about higher-ups right now, due to a clash between the moon in your authority-figures sector and Neptune and Mercury in your sign. But relationships with peers – friends, boyfriends, classmates, coworkers – are a huge stress reliever if you feel like you’re about to go off on someone above your pay grade. You’ll find allies easily, and a venting session is just what the doctor ordered. You fishes are prone to play the victim/martyr role at times, so stay away from “woe is me” thinking. This is a temporary annoyance, not long-term oppression.

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9 years ago

My horoscope suggets stenciling a poem over my bed and i’m dying to do it soon…any chance you could post a free stencil of the free people font? or something just as cool?