A Little Introduction

Free People and home décor are two things that I love with all my heart — and that’s precisely why I’m here!

I’ve been obsessed with decorating for as far back as I can remember. I’ve always loved the way the feel of an entire room can change just by one quick alteration — or a million alterations, whatever. As soon as my little elementary-school arms were strong enough to move a dresser, I was doing it. I’d stay in my room for hours rearranging the stuffed animals on my bed — should Bear-Bear sit in the back next to Scruffy, or would he look better front-and-center?

I’ve just moved to a new city and am on the verge of finding my very first solo apartment — an empty canvas that’s all mine to use exactly as I wish. I could not be more excited. I’ve done some décor posts over on my personal blog Hummusbird, and now I get to do them right here on the BLDG 25 Blog!  I’ll be taking you guys with me on my journey to decorate my first space, as well as sharing everyday inspiration and, well, just all things décor. I’m so incredibly happy to be here and I can’t wait for what’s to come!

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I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. You will bring your spirit to everything you do. Your journey was meant to take you to exactly where you are. I will watch to see where your life takes you. Remember that I love you like a daughter. When you come home for a visit, we can share my favorite hummus.


hell yah brigette! so happy to have you here in philly with us :D


Looking good !
Wish you all things beautiful !!

Fp Jed

Welcome to the team!


welcome Brigette! I love decorating as well! I am constantly rearranging things in my room and I’m always looking for unique finds!

So exciting, can’t wait to see your stuff! I love the first photo of you in the window, gorgeous!