From Jemma: Coachella Photo Diary!

It’s Thursday 7:00am and my alarm goes, It’s Coachella Time!! I shower and frantically finish packing my outfits for the weekend. Cameras check, batteries check, clothes for rain and sun check and a happy, excited mind definitely checked.

The flight to LA is always so fascinating to me, I have a book to read but I’d much prefer to read the landscape below; Deserts, Canyons and the The Sierra Nevada… I sat staring out the window for maybe the majority of the flight, letting my mind run wild with stories of lives below.

We arrived at LAX late afternoon and headed to our Manhattan Beach store to pick up the goodie bags that we are taking to Coachella – Manhattan Beach is so quaint and beautiful it’s hard not to want to spend a few more days there. After a quick stop we headed to our hotel – The Belamar, a modern 50’s inspired oasis. We rested and ate, then headed to bed with Coachella on our minds.

Today we’re packing the goodie bags and driving 3 hours to music land! I can not wait to see what Coachella has to offer this year! If you want to keep up to date on live action follow our instagram or twitter!

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