My Thing: Lace

Every decorator has their “thing.” For me, that thing is lace. I love all things cozy, pretty, whimsical, and charming – and lace is exactly those. It’s timeless and feminine and can totally transform the look and feel of a room. It’s absolutely incredible what you can do with a little bit of lace.

Top an antique dresser with a little bit of lace for a feminine touch.

Better yet, take all the lace you can find and drape it over that antique dresser for a cozy feel.

Use a lace placemat to line a pretty wooden tray.

Hang a lace curtain to soften the look of your windows.

Make a lace doily dreamcatcher and hang it from a tree branch.

Give your bed a cozy feel with some lacey pillowcases.

Throw a lacey blanket on the floor and top with a vintage candle holder.

Lace is totally my thing. What’s yours?

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I have been looking for a lacey blanket like that FOREVER. any tips on where I could find one?

oh a doiley is totally the way to my heart. love this!

yeah! i love lace too and crochet also!!!

xoxo, Ivana

That is AMAZING. I’m a big fan of lace and crochet as well, I have random doilies tacked to my wall haha.


I thing the most enjoyable thing for me is crotchet. It’s strange when I think that on the other hand I just HATE knitting. I think it’s time to crotchet pillow or something..


this is so romantic, is the last picture your room?