The world has lost an incredible man today…Levon Helm, the drummer from The Band, has passed away after a long battle with cancer.  He leaves behind an incredible musical legacy and many will remember fondly his weekly midnight rambles, held at his home in Woodstock New York. I am having a hard time accepting that just last month I was watching him perform with his band, and can only be grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to see him play a couple of times. He may be gone but his music will live on, and he will never be forgotten.

The Band outside Big Pink.

“Why do the best things always disappear?

Photos by Elliott Landy

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8 years ago

I couldn’t believe it.
Just yesterday my boyfriend and I were talking about how we’re praying that he might get well again.
But then the news hit home this afternoon.
My heart is broken.
Thank you for posting this.
You might want to check out my blog too where I also wrote about Levon.
This post makes me like you guys even more.
You can count you lucky to have been able to see him perform and ramble on stage.
We planned to go this summer :((

8 years ago

Jay! you took the words out of my mouth! My boyfriend and I were talking about going this year as well…we’re both big fans. When I heard the news I was hoping for the best as well…but at least he was being read our expressions of love and gratitude via facebook. I also posted on Wednesday…then last night I got in the car and heard I Shall Be Released on the radio and shed a few for him.. he will be missed..