Inside the Mind of Stevie Dance

As you all know, one of our fashion inspirations, Stevie Dance, came to visit us a couple of weeks ago to hand select a few of her favorite pieces for festival fashion.

Yesterday we showed you some snap shots… and, today we are going to give you a bit of insight into her personality. We got to know what she loves, her favorite movie and how she started in fashion.

We introduce you to the mind of Stevie Dance:

How did you get your start in fashion?

I always wanted to be a film critic; I started in fashion by coincidence.

If you could tell a younger you one thing, what would it be?

Save your pennies, Stevie.

You travel a lot… what’s always packed in your suitcase?

Crystals, vitamins, my ipod and incense.

What comes into your mind when you’re styling others? How do you know what works?

I just focus on telling a story, be it about the form, the function and the subject.

Festival fashion to you means…?

Too much fringing.

What are you currently obsessed with?

The twerps (an Australian band), my assistants.

What are you most excited about in Fashion right now?


The last movie you watched was?

Before Night Falls

What couldn’t you live without?


What was your first kiss like?

At the flicks, watching some terrible Hugh Grant biopic.

Advice for anyone who dreams of a life in fashion?

Chase pictures and immerse yourself in subcultures.

So, that’s our little Stevie kick. It was an inspiring day getting to know such an influential fashion insider

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