Nail Wraps!

Right now on our site we have some awesome trendy nail wraps! They come in six different designs and are super fun if you’re looking to mess around with nail art. We sat down one Friday afternoon to put them on and show you all how it’s done. The best part? They don’t have to dry like polish, and they last!

How to Apply Nail Wraps

Each kit comes with everything you’ll need:

File your nails to the desired shape and push back cuticles


Wipe down your nails with the preparation wipe

Find a sticker that matches the size of your desired finger. Then first placing the rounded edge at your cuticle, stick the sticker onto your nail. Smooth out any wrinkles with the cuticle pusher.

Trim the end as close to your nail as possible.

File off extra edges

The Designs

Metallic Silver


Metallic Gold (with one metallic silver – mix them up!)

American Flag

Tribal Gold

Which is your favorite? Let us know how you like them!

(Polka Dots and Stripes not shown)

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11 years ago

very cool! do/can you put a clear top coat over? or do they last pretty long on their own? i guess the whole “sticker” thing makes me think it would be a one day thing

11 years ago

I’ve used the sally hansen ones, and they lasted FOREVER. I think it was almost a week with no chips– most “manicures” only last two or three days for me. I threw a clear coat on mine after about 6 days and it lasted even longer.

11 years ago

Love the tribal gold ones. My sister got me something similar in a floral pattern for christmas and they lasted well, which is something nail varnish doesn’t do for me :)

11 years ago

Love them all!!

11 years ago

Ick. I think this is one of those trends you will look back on in future photos and feel embarrassed you partook in. This looks cute on no one over age 14. Yucky!

10 years ago

Hi Naomi, it’s good to see nail wraps are becoming a trend these days. Even people that are too busy with work can now done their nails to their desired nail designs. Nice post and thanks!